Which browsers are supported by PushAlert?

            Currently, we support Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, UC Browser, Samsung Internet Browser and Opera web browsers. You can see the details of supported platforms below:
            • Chrome - Mobile (Android), Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS)
            • Firefox - Mobile (Android), Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
            • Safari - Desktop (MacOS, iOS - Coming Soon)
            • Microsoft Edge - Mobile (Android), Desktop (Windows)
            • Opera - Mobile (Android), Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
            • Samsung Internet Browser - Mobile (Android)
            • UC Browser - Mobile (Android)
            • Yandex - Mobile (Android), Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

            Please check here for more information: https://pushalert.co/documentation/browser-support
            Updated: 20 Sep 2019 01:49 AM
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