What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications were introduced in 2015 with Chrome 42 and work similar to how apps send notifications on your smartphones but instead of just mobile devices, these work on your desktop as well. They allow for timely updates to be sent to subscribers and also re-engage your current user base with new content.

Web push notifications are small messages that can be sent directly to a desktop or mobile device even when the user is not on your website.

Push Messaging on the web is very simple to use, it works by associating your website with a user’s browser, so there is no exchange of any personal information. Once the user is subscribed to your website, using PushAlert you can send them a notification on the device that they subscribed from, say a PC, a smartphone or a tablet.

Push notifications on mobile devices, look and behave the same as native app notifications, but instead of an app, the users are directed to your website or link that was given in the notification. This saves you time on building a separate app and also gives access to an entirely new mobile audience which has very high engagement.
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